A Few Solar Generators With Slight Scratches At Astonishing Discounts!

Once A Year We Let A Handful Of People Get The Deal Of A Lifetime On Solar Backup Power

Here's the exciting story:

In the rush and excitement of selling several thousand Solar Generators in the 2013, there was no time to pay attention to the units that were slightly scratched or had dented boxes except to put them aside in our warehouse.

Some of the units have only slight scratches on the outside shell - so slight that you would have to make a real close inspection to discern the damage, but still... you know how it is... they cannot be sold as perfect Solar Generators.

So rather than send them back to our manufacturing plant in Canada and give Canadian workers the job of putting new outside shells on the units, we have decided to pass a huge discount on to a few people who really don't care about a minor scratch, but are just interested in having reliable backup power... and to offer these units at below wholesale sale pricing.

Only 33 Units In The Warehouse!!!

We have currently 33 of these Solar Generators to sell at this once-in-a-lifetime price. When they are gone, it'll be pretty hard to get this kind of backup power at such a steeply discounted price. But while the inventory of these slightly scratched units lasts, you can pick one up for very little money.

All Scratch And Dents Have Full "New Unit" Warranties!

We also guarantee every Solar Generator to be in like new condition. As we mentioned earlier, in some cases, only the box was "dinged up" a little. So the units inside the box are absolutely perfect. In fact, in most cases not even one of our techs could find anything wrong, except that the box doesn't look new. (But if you think about it, you will probably throw the box out anyway.)

The price is just $995.00 plus $162.50 shipping and handling. (Total $1157.50) But I've decided to sweeten the deal even more. I'm also going to throw in $1000.00 in Heirloom Seeds, and $1250.00 in LED bulbs... as part of the deal.

The Heirloom Seeds are yours free when you order a "Scratch and Dent" unit, but quantities are definitely limited so we must receive your order within the next 48 hours to guarantee a unit. (Absolutely no exceptions.)

Here's what you should do right now if you are even thinking about this: Call 815-259-4552 (or toll free at 877-327-0365). If possible call our office from 9:00 to 3:00 Central Standard Time and tell the operator that you want one of the Scratch and Dent models, along with the bonus heirloom seeds and LED bulbs.

Please call even if you plan to pay by check or money order so we can put your name on a unit. But take some fast action. My guess is they will be gone in a flash.

Warm Regards,

Bill Heid
Solutions From Science

P.S. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to call the office at 815-259-4552 (or toll free at 877-327-0365). You should definitely watch the video before you call.

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